Here are a number of the most Instagrammabili places in London in which to make perfect photos from a good dish to the most exclusive locations. Find out which are the ideal places if you are an influencer looking for the perfect photo to post on Istagram! Sketch London Apparently it’s the place to have afternoon tea. This room alone is an excuse enough to require you to purchase a new ultra chic outfit just for this trip. With afternoon tea to draw your attention… The sketch has worked with its magic, creating a menuRead More →

Founded in 1776 and located in the Valley of our Lady of Asumption there is Guatemala City, the capital city of Guatemala where I live in. The city is divided in streets and avenues but the streets has no name while each district has a zone number.  The weather is nice between 17-24 degrees the whole year while rainy season is from May to October and the kids goes to school from January to October.   GET A JOB In Guatemala city is very difficult toRead More →

Here are a number of articles that enclose the principles to earn with Amazon! Why is Amazon one of the favorite tools from bloggers? Because it allows you to earn not only if the user clicks on a product recommended, but the link remains active for the following hours and allows you to earn on any purchase made by the user! Tutorials to earn with Amazon Plugin AAWP This new plugin seems to be reallyRead More →

You travel more and more and new needs will make room. Where and how to keep track of the countries visited? At Amazon you can find maps to “scratch” to mark the countries you have visited. Or you can find Cork blackboard in which to put a pin to mark the various towns and cities and hang some photos! A cork map is an excellent gift accompanied by photos of the countries visited together. Here is a list of items that you can find on Amazon! Paper Maps to scratch Scratch the World ® poster map-to scratch away the places where you travel-theRead More →

You know, influencers are always looking for the most wacky and fashionable article for a particular photo on social. For example, we are talking about sea inflatables or picnic baskets. So here is a series of articles to buy directly from Amazon to take photos from true influencer;) All for your picnic… 2 person Picnic Hamper Set. Wicker gift basket, porcelain plates, cutlery and wine glasses Or Thyme & Season-picnic basket in antique willow, set for 2 people   Vintiquewise Rectangular wicker basket with fabric, wicker, natural/white lining   Oval Picnic Basket Storage container with doubleRead More →

A media kit is essential if you want to use the blog in a professional way and forge collaborations with the various brands. To create it you need to know certain graphics programs but you can also create one easily online and in a completely free! Google itself provides different templates to edit online and then make available through a link or download on your PC. You can have this file for free and change it to your liking! To download it go to FIle-> download as-> Choose your format! That’s what I have a little bit personalized to better reflect the bloggers If youRead More →

I tried the Nautica restaurant in Arona as the protagonist of a TV episode on the best restaurants with a view. I was fascinated by the dish of raw food as I always go in search of good food but also the excellent dish. You can find my article on The restaurant is located at the end of the city of Arona and therefore being more isolated of all it is far from any kind of chaos, both human and mechanical. There is the possibility to have dinner either on the turret or inside the room, so if you have preferences calls for aRead More →

How to monetize your site and earn money online You’ve started creating a travel blog and you’re starting to monetize your site. In This post you will find a complete guide to the best affiliate services to earn with your travel blog. For some of them I will also start guides (possibly also video) to explain better how to integrate these services in your blog and how they work. Premise: In This post you will find affiliate links suitable for a travel blog. You will not findRead More →

Telegram  has finally made it possible to edit messages, which means that you can clean up shameful typos even after they have been sent. Messages can be edited on mobile devices by touching and holding a particular balloon, then clicking Edit when the menu is displayed. On the desktop, you can press the up arrow or right-click to highlight the correct message and then edit it. Group or Channel? If you want members to interact with you then the right choice is that of the Group. In the channel, members can register but do not interact with the channel supergroups Admins can set important messages ToRead More →

Cafés, exhibitions, buildings; here is a map showing some of London’s attractions to visit even in the rain Barbican Conservatory See finches, quails and exotic fish as you stroll through the 2,000 species of tropical plants and trees in the exotic Barbican conservatory. It is a taste of the tropics in the heart of London and protected from rain all year round. Sea Life London Aquarium Surround yourself with water without getting wet in this challenging London attraction. Stroll, under and through the colorful aquatic wonders, from the tropical to the Arctic, and keep your eyes open for fast sharks, ephemeral jellyfish and jewel-colored sea turtles. Leadenhall Market Travel the cobblestoneRead More →